The God's Body Church

The God's Body Church First mentions about the God's Body Church, belonging to Johannites, brought in XII century to Wroclaw, come from the year 1320, however it was probably about 50 years older. The present Gothic temple comes from the XV century. It was situated near an non-existent at present, destroyed on Napoleon's order in 1807 Świdnicka Gate, so some of it's turrets (also destroyed) served directly as defensive purposes, what it paid several times with heavy destructions as a result of military actions.

The God's Body Church The legend says that when a great danger threatens Wroclaw, the gates of the church open, letting knights procession out, who walk without touching the ground and go on the Ostrow Tumski island. Some consider this an omen, others meanwhile claim that spirits go to protect the city as their duty.

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