The Church Under the Call of Saint Giles

The Church Under the Call of Saint Giles This church built in the XIII century, probably around 1242 in a Romanesque style is the oldest building preserved in Wroclaw and in the same time the oldest active church in the city. It was supposedly financed by Peter Włostowic, a well-known and rich Wroclaw's patrician blinded by the duke Władysław the Exile, and named to worship the patron of his son, Giles Swietoslaw. The small church belongs to the characteristic for the mediaeval Wroclaw type of one-pillar churches. Only one of it's portals is Romanesque (this is showed by the origin from an earlier building, probably from the predecessor of the present cathedral, so called Walterowska Catherdal). It unites it with former, XVI century building of the Chapter, containing today the Archdiocese Museum and the famous Kluskowa Gate.

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