The University Church

The University Church When we have already seen the University, it is proper to enter to the adhering University Church, long ago saint Name Jesus, which prides itself with the richest in Wroclaw baroque decorations of the interior, at least equaling to the embellishments of the Leopoldina Hall. The church was raised by Jesuits in the years 1689–1698 according to the project of an Italian architect, Theodor Moretti. Between 1703 and 1706 Johann Rottmaye painted a series of illusional frescos on the walls and vaults of the shrine. On the fresco of the main nave, among the numerous figures of saints and The University Church contemporary austrian emperors there is also the self-portrait of Rottmayer. From 1722 to 1734 works over the carved decorations of the interior of the church were administered under the direction of Christopher Lausch, who made the monumental altar by himself. The church was treated lightly by war actions, destructions after the world war II were estimated on 10%. Even inflammable elements of the wooden equipment of the interior survived — benches and confessionals.

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