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Kluskowa Gate

Kluskowa Gate Silesian egg noodles are one of the most popular dishes in Wroclaw not without the reason! In the XVI century Kluskowa Gate connecting the saint Giles church with the building of the chapter, this dish deserved even a special triumphal bow as the only one from the region, decorated on the top with a stone noodle. The legend says that the best noodles, plump and deliciously dripping with backfat, were made by a housewife from a village near Wroclaw. As everyone knows that the stomach is the surest way to a man's heart, her husband loved her very much and despaired greatly when his wife died. He decided to pray for her soul with his first opportunity to visit the city's church. As the Brama Kluskowa day was sweltering, the road to the city long, and the market on which he was going full of people and turmoil, before his return to home he took advantage of the moment and fell asleep in the shadow of a gate. The sky appeared in his dream, with angelic choruses and small souls dancing among the clouds merrily. Only his wife was grieved with the mourning of her husband. Suddenly, one of the angels helped her and took a basket full of the famous noodles on the ground to comfort her husband. What a pleasant surprise it was, when after opening his eyes he saw a whole basket of his favorite noodles, exactly the same as his deceased wife used to make! He started to eat, swearing oneself and God that soon he will leave one noodle in the church as a souvenir of this miracle. However, when he ate all noodles besides one, he felt sorry for "her". "If I gnaw her a little, then nothing probably will happen", he affirmed and... his tooth broke. The last noodle was not only as hard as a stone, but it jumped out of his hands and clung to the gate, on which top of we can see it till now.

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