The Church Under the Call of Saint Wojciech

The Church Under the Call of Saint Wojciech In the north-eastern corner of the Dominikanski square we can admire a huge gothic church of the dominicans under the call of saint Wojciech, surrounded with baroque and neobaroque chapels and monastic buildings. This is one of the oldest and the largest mediaeval churches in the city, raised around 1250. A temple situated previously in this location, the first one built on the left bank of the Oder, raised in times before the official location of the city, in the beginnings of the XII century, and consecrated in the year 1112. It was destroyed together with the whole left-bank city during the Mongolian invasion. Originally, the terrain and the first church standing on it belonged to Augustans from Sobotka, The Church Under the Call of Saint Wojciech however in 1226 it was given to the Dominicans brought here from Cracow. In the years 1250-1270, after the Mongolian invasion, they raised a church that still exists.

Near the southern entry there is a baroque chapel containing an exquisite alabaster sarcophagus consecrated to Czesław Odrowaz, the abbot of the church, who - as the legend says - defended the city during the Mongolian invasion in 1241. When the population of Wroclaw sheltered on Ostrow Tumski, and the invaders began to attack, he first organized the defense of the island, then he scared the infidels away with a fireball. The blessed Abbot Czeslaw has more miracles on his account: he revived a drowned child one week after the death, and not able to find a haulier to reach a dying man with the holiest sacrament, he threw his overcoat on the waves of the Oder and swam on it, as on a raft.

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