Piast's Mausoleum

Piast's Mausoleum Going through the Nankier Square, it is worth to knock on the door of the Ursulines monastery and to ask for the possibility to see the Silesian Piasts mausoleum. The Silesian Piasts were the oldest line of the Piast dynasty that gave Poland its first kings. Their graves are situated in the saint Claire and saint Jadwiga church. One can admire inside the Henry VI Good tombstone (died in 1335, the last from Wroclaw's piast's dukes), and sepulchral plates: Henry III White (died in 1266) , Henry Brzuchaty V (died in 1296), and also several of ducal daughters, in the majority abottes of the monastery, and princess Ann (died in 1265), who in 1257 brought to Wroclaw the Order of Saint Clares. The ballot-box with the princess Caroline's heart, the last of Piast's, who died in 1707, is also kept here.

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