The Monopoly

The Monopoly The land on which the Monopoly hotel actually stands, belonged formerly to Augustan monastery. In the 90's of the XIX century, this land was purchased for a terrific sum of 600 thousand marks by two Wroclaw's Jews: banker Wallenberg Pachaly and architect Karl Grossem. We owe this architectural pearl to them. In 1892 a luxurious hotel and a trading house were made in the style of Art Nouveau. The hotel offered 69 rooms, in this 21 one-man, 46 two - persons and 2 apartments. The smallest rooms had about 10 m2 of the surface, apartments - up to 36 m2. In 1937 over the main entry to the hotel a portico with a balcony was added, so that Hitler could speak from it. In 1984 the hotel was written to the register of relics. It good to drink a coffee in the proudly prepared hotel cafe, where such fames as Marlena Dietrich or Pablo Picasso once sat. The painter distributed his drawings near the bar to every asking for the autograph, painted with the pleasant ink, which disappeared after drying.

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