The Tumski Bridge

The Tumski Bridge The bridge that joins at present Ostrow Tumski with the Sand Island was built at the end of the XIX century, however already from the half of the XII century wooden bridges were constructed in this location, joining Ostrow with the Sand Island. Simultaneously, these bridges made up the border between municipal and church jurisdiction. Even the duke had to take off his cap while crossing through the Tumski bridge. Today the bridge also carries a different, less official name — the lover's bridge. Supposedly a couple, who will cross the bridge through its centre while holding their hands will stay together to the rest of their lives.

This place has however also bloodier cards in it's history. This is the place where alleged witches were wallowed, that is they were subjected to a water test. If a woman thrown into the water drowned, usually she was recognized as guilty, if the river carried her on the The Tumski Bridge surface, she was pardoned, because a sinner was supposed to be punished by the Divine interference, while an innocent woman would be saved from a certain death. However, sometimes the crowd on Tumski Bridge could not bear the fear and hate, and the woman one way or the other was killed — it was claimed then that the witches were lighter than wood that is why they kept afloat. A heap waited for the woman then, and in those times of intolerance the walls of Wroclaw were often lighted up by the light of the fire. Only in the years 1445 - 1525 because of the heresy 454 person were lost, but heaps also burnt in the years 1639 and 1664.

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