The Wroclaw's Opera

The Wroclaw's Opera At the beginning the present building of the Wroclaw's Opera served as a municipal theatre. It was built in the years 1839–1841 according to Carl Ferdinand Langhans project, with a modern scene and places in the audience for 1600 people. The building was set on fire two times in the years 1865 and 1871 and it was repaired and rebuilt every time. After the second fire sculptures of muses made from artificial sandstone were put on the edge of the roof (at present modern casts of lost the originals stand there). After the World War II they were removed because of political causes. Undamaged busts of German artists: Beethoven, Goethe, Mozart and Schiller were taken off from the facade. The exquisite frescoes of the authorship of Schmidt were also made from the external wall. The thorough modernization finished in 2006. As a result the Opera regained it's former magnificence. Richly adorned interiors were also restored. One can admire there today for example: plafund with composers portraits, a huge crystal chandelier and an imperial box. The surface gilt with true gold is around 10 thousands m2 and the surface of crystal mirrors is 200 m2.

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