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Plac Solny

Plac Solny Adhering to the Market Square Plac Solny (the Saline Square) is a middle age trade fair, on which, as the name shows, salt was sold, but also fish. Today, much more fragrant goods are sold there - the Saline Square is famous because of its flower shops open 24/7, also in the winter.

Not only the Renaissance tenements surrounding the market Plac Solny are worth paying attention, but also the exquisite neoclassical edifice of the Old Exchange of the authorship of Carl Ferdinand Langhans from 1822, and a small negro situated on the facade of the office building occupied by the "Gazeta Wyborcza" newspaper. It links to the drugstore Under the Black Man (or Under the Moor) formerly standing here. Her owner loved peculiars, he even imported mummies to mill them and add to his medicines to improve the effectiveness. In that case, maybe the name of the drugstore was taken from a black slave or a servant brought from a trip?

Under the Saline Square there is a shelter covering the surface of 1000 m2, capable of holding 300 people. During the war it had its own toilets, sewage system and two exits. One of those exits is in the ladies' underground toilet at present.

Plac Solny
Photo by J. Zięba

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