Psie Pole (The Dog's Field)

Psie Pole (The Dog's Field) DThe present Dog's Field is a district of Wroclaw quite distant from the city centre, abounding both in charming, though in majority a bit neglected tenements, but also in high blocks of flats. However if it comes to the history of Wroclaw, the name of this particular district is quite interesting, taking out from a battle that had place here in 1109 between the armies of Bolesław Wrymouth (Krzywousty) and a German knighthood, which was defeated despite its numerical superiority. Nobody had hid the corpses, and the dogs from the whole neighborhood shrank to scatter them. This is how the name of Dog's Field was born. Another rumor also connects to this place - if to believe the chroniclers, in 1551 dashing rain was supposed to fall here. Who knows, maybe the traces of it should be seeked by the hunters of meteorites?

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