Domek Romański

Romanesque Little House Going from the University to the Market-Hall you can reach Nankier Square, where it is worth to pay your attention on a small glazed building, which is so to say - set in a PRL concrete block of flats. It is the early gothic Romanesque Little house, also called the House of Trzebnica's Damsels. It was built in the beginning of XIII century (the first reference of it comes from 1208) as a Wroclaw's residence of Cistercians from Trzebnica, and it is the oldest preserved habitable building in the city. Worth paying attention is the fact, that this comfortable accommodation was a two-storeyed building! By the way we can see how the land level has risen, what we owe to the dust, ground and litters left by successive generations. The entry is over two meters below the level of today's sidewalk, and the portal itself is very low, what proves how much the citizens of Wroclaw have grown during the last 800 years.

Today the Lower Silesian Photography Centre is being held in the Romanesque Little House.

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