The Prison

The Prison D The former city prison was built in the XIII century, and the first record about it comes from 1450. It's present shape is a result of reconstructions, which took place in XVI and XVII century. The oldest part of the building is the XIV century northern wing, formerly containing a chapel. The remaining wings were added around the year 1500. In the half of the XVI century the south wing was built. It contained workshops of female prisoners kept in the western wing. The cellar part of the northern wing are former main rooms of the prison for people, who were born in poor families and for dangerous criminals punished with the traditional one The Prison year and 6 Sundays jail. The bottom hall, which one can sightsee, because the club "Pracoffnia" is situated there today, was probably designed for rich people and important personas. In the eastern part of the undergrounds, opposite the entry to the courtyard, there was the room of examinations and tortures also occupied today by the club. In 1733 the building could hold up to hundred prisoners. Among the famous figures, who sat out here their sentences, it is worth to mention Wit Stwosz. The sculptor, accused of forging a bill, spent here a whole year. The municipality stopped used the building as a prison in 1818. Philanthropical institutions and a pawnshop were situated here later. Today, it is the seat of Wroclaw's Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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